Contractor Legal Protect

Designed to cover a range of commercial disputes that contractors face whilst carrying out their day to day business.

What is contractor legal protect?

Our Contractor Legal Protect Insurance has been specially designed for contractors to provide them with cover for what is often costly professional representation in the event of a legal dispute, including appeals. The policy reacts by covering the legal costs involved in a case, which can include solicitors and barristers’ fees, court costs, experts’ fees and attendance expenses.

Every business owner needs to ensure that they are protected against the risk of having to defend or pursue a legal dispute with a third party. With ever-increasing legal fees for defending or pursuing a case through the UK courts, our Contractor Legal Protect policy affords you peace of mind that the legal fees are covered for a range of common disputes.

It is uncommon for end clients and/or recruitment agencies to insist that a contractor holds legal protection insurance before they are allowed to commence an engagement, but many contractors decide that being uninsured for these potential disputes is too big a risk for their business to take, and ensure they have cover in place.


Why Choose a Roots Contractor Legal Protect policy?

Our Contractor Legal Protect insurance is one of the best, if not the best on the market for the professions we cover and the prices we charge.The cost of the policy is just £30.00 (inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax) for £50,000 of cover per claim, and £1m in total for the policy period.

Every contractor is at the very real risk of a business related dispute, both for the pursuit and defence of claims, and where an incident has occurred or where the allegation is completely unfounded. In the event of a claim you are covered for the expert professional legal fees in representing you and your business, giving you the best possible chance of being successful.

Our policies are underwritten by a UK insurer and claims are handled by top UK firms, meaning our Contractor Legal Protect insurance offering is as good as they come.

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Contractor Legal Protect Insurance Policy Benefits

policy features

Quote & Buy in Minutes

Our website is based on the latest technology, combined with insurer flexibility. This allows you to get a firm quote in under a minute, and be able to progress and buy and receive your policy documents in just a couple of minutes more, all available on 24/7/365 self-service basis.

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Expert Customer Service

We’ve been involved in the contractor insurance marketplace for over a decade, working at senior manager and board level at some of the most well known companies. Our highly experienced staff have personally dealt with and handled thousands of insurance applications from contractors.

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Tailored for Contractors

All of our insurances and IR35 status reviews are designed to the exact needs of contractors, they’re not generic off-the-shelf policies. We back it up with highly experienced staff who are able to answer any queries may have, all from our Loughborough office in the heart of the Midlands.

Contractor Legal Protect Insurance Policy Features

Defence Costs

Cover is provided for the professional representation costs and expenses incurred in relation to a claim, including appeals issued in connection with it. Coverage is both defence and pursuit, and for a defined set of disputes.

Covers a Wide Range of Disputes

The policy covers a wide range of disputes, including; Legal defence, property disputes, data protection, personal injury, loss adjusters fees, contract disputes, statutory licence appeals and reimbursement for when you have to attend Jury Service.

Undisputed Debt Recovery Service

Where you have an undisputed debt it can be referred to the Debt Recovery Service within 30 days of the money becoming due and payable. Note: This is an optional service and is not part of the insurance.



Who needs contractor legal protect?

All contractors. Our Contractor Legal Protect policy pays the legal costs of solicitors’ fees, barristers’ fees, court costs, attendance costs and the expenses for expert witnesses for set disputes. It also extends to provide cover for the legal costs of an appeal.

What are the benefits of holding a contractor legal protect policy?

The primary benefit to holding a Contractor Legal Protect policy is, of course, peace of mind. It’s exactly the kind of insurance policy everyone hopes they will never have to use, but it’s good to have it there just in case. The cost of a legal case can really damage the finances of the business, as well as distract you from your core focus of earning an income.

How does the Jury Service section of cover work?

The Jury Service section of cover is designed specifically with contractors in mind, providing you with financial reimbursement for each day you are called up – no matter how much you earn, unlike competitors who insert sub-limits into their policies and which often do not cover all of a contractors day rate and leaves them out of pocket. While an employed individual may have the option of taking paid holiday to complete Jury Service, a contractor does not have this luxury.

What level of cover does my business need?

Our Contractor Legal Protect insurance is a one size fits all product. It provides £50,000 of cover per claim, and £1m of cover for all claims in the policy period – giving you and your business all the protection you need.

Can my business claim for a problem that started before I bought the policy?

Unfortunately you can’t claim for legal disputes that started before the date cover began.

Can I claim for costs I’ve incurred before making a claim?

Again, unfortunately you cannot. It’s important that you speak to us as soon as possible after a dispute arises so we can discuss the best way to proceed. We will not be able to cover any costs you incur before we have agreed to cover your claim i.e. the cost of consulting your own solicitor.