FREE IR35 Status Review

Join the thousands of contractors who’ve had their IR35 status reviewed by us.

What Does A FREE IR35 Status Review Provide?

The Contractor Compliance Portal, which like Roots Contractor is part of the Vestura Group, is a completely free, all-in-one solution that allows every business & contractor in the supply chain to assess, manage and understand IR35 status.

It’s free to register and there are no costs at all, ever. Users can quickly and accurately assess, manage and insure IR35 status via a range of different assessments, generate & issue SDS’s and accompanying status reports, and seamlessly manage integrated IR35 status appeals.



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Completely Free

Based on our decades of expertise in IR35 and IT we’ve fully automated the process so that it’s completely free. No cost to sign up, no hidden costs to see the result or download documents, its completely free and always will be.

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Instant & Online

Complete the online assessment in a matter of minutes and get an instant result. We’re experts in IR35 and spent two years developing and testing the system so that there’s no grey areas, no delays, just a result in seconds every time.

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Downloadable Documentation

On completion you get two downloadable documents, one showing the result and if you’re inside or outside IR35 and the key reasons why, and a report of the questions and responses as well as guidance to help improve your IR35 status.