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Greater take home pay and increased working flexibility are just two benefits of a career in contracting – in exchange for the risk of being a contractor. But if you want to capitalise on these benefits, ensuring that you understand your IR35 position and if you are inside or outside of IR35 is of the utmost importance and something you must consider carefully before you commence an engagement, especially if you are able to determine your own IR35 status under the new IR35 legislation.




IR35 Contract Reviews

Having each contract reviewed is vital in being proactive and ensuring the correct IR35 status is ascertained in advance of a potential HMRC enquiry.


IR35 Contract Review – Essential

Join the thousands of contractors who’ve had contracts reviewed from an IR35 status perspective by our expert team over the past decade.


IR35 Contract Review – Premium

By using the vastly experienced in-house expertise of Roots you can ensure you put yourself in the best position to avoid being caught on the wrong side of IR35.


FREE IR35 Status Review

The Contractor Compliance Portal (part of the Vestura Group) provides contractors with the ability to undertake online, free and instant IR35 status assessments, including downloadable reports to help evidence status.


IR35 Insurance

Our IR35 Insurance protects you from the potentially devastating effects of an IR35 investigation carried out by HMRC. It provides cover for the professional representation fees incurred in defending the enquiry – something that can be costly and take years to bring to a conclusion.


IR35 News

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