IR35 Contract Reviews

Our range of IR35 products and services has been developed by our in-house team of experts over the past decade and used by thousands of contractors

A Complete Range of IR35 Contract Review Products

Every engagement between a contractor and the end client has its own IR35 status, based on both the contract and the working practices. It only takes one contract to be deemed inside IR35 when it was thought to be outside to be caught and go through a costly process of paying back what HMRC deem to be owed in back tax, interest and penalties having been classified as a ‘disguised employee’.  Having each contract and/or engagement reviewed is vital in being proactive and ensuring the correct IR35 status is ascertained in advance of a potential HMRC enquiry.


IR35 Contract Review

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IR35 Contract Review – Standard

An Inside/Outside IR35 opinion based on the key IR35 status test related clauses along with recommended changes in relation to those that are classed as failing clauses, along with a list of all contractually required business insurances.

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IR35 Contract Review – Premium

An Inside/Outside IR35 opinion, full feedback on all IR35 related clauses and if they are positive, negative or neutral in helping your IR35 status, plus a complete list of recommended changes in relation to all failing clauses.

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FREE IR35 Status Review

Completely free, online and instant. You get an Inside/Outside IR35 opinion, downloadable status result document and accompanying report of all questions, responses and advice to improve your IR35 status.

IR35 Contract Review Comparisons

Our IR35 Contract Reviews provide differing levels of options and feedback, allowing you to decide what review is best suited to your needs.  The table below highlights the differences, options and upgrades available between them:

Standard Premium
Overall inside/outside IR35 opinion Included Included
Succinct list of essential changes Included Included
Agency and end client liaison Included Included
Required business insurances highlighted Included Included
Bespoke comments on each IR35 clause Not Included Included
Cost: £50.00 £125.00
Service Level Options:
Standard (5 Business Days) Included Included
Next Day +£50.00 +£75.00
Same Day +£100.00 +£125.00


Whats the difference between an IR35 Contract Review and a FREE IR35 Status Review?

An IR35 Contract Review involves one of our in-house experts manually reviewing the written agreement for the engagement in theory, and producing a bespoke written report. The FREE IR35 Review is an automated, online questionnaire that is completed by the contractor, and which produces and automated result and report based on a combination of the written terms and what actually happens in reality for the engagement. HMRC place more important on what actually happens rather than the theoretical terms in the event of an IR35 enquiry.

How do I send my IR35 Contract Review documents to you to review?

Copies of your contract and any other supporting documentation should be emailed to us at: [email protected]

How do I get a FREE IR35 Status Review?

All you need to do is register with The Contractor Compliance Portal, which like Roots Contractor is part of the Vestura Group, and complete a Contractor Assessment. It’s completely free at all times and registering can be done by clicking here.

No contract at all?

Contractors that think that by not having a written contract in place means they are exempt from being caught inside IR35 then they need to think again.  HMRC can, and will likely conclude a ‘hypothetical contract’ based on the working arrangements they deem are in place between the contractor and the end client, which will likely be found to be inside of IR35.

Do you liaise with the recruitment and end client?

There are times when the agency or end client is being difficult to get hold of and/or deal with.  Our team of experts have the experience to negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your contract has the required new clauses added, or existing clauses amended so that your position and IR35 status strengthened. It is common for issues to arise around making changes to a contract and there being a reluctance for the agency or end client to agree to them, especially with the larger organisations who often have to go through a legal team to get the changes reviewed and agreed. We are used to dealing with this and use our vast knowledge and expertise to ensure it gets done as quickly and as hassle free as possible.

Do you offer IR35 Insurance?

Yes. In addition to IR35 status reviews, we also offer IR35 Insurance - which provides £100,000 worth of cover for the professional representation costs in the event of an HMRC enquiry into not just your IR35 status, but also investigations into tax, PAYE, NIC and more. Cover can be extended to include cover for £100,000 of tax liabilities for both the ‘old’ and ‘new’ IR35 rules, including covering the whole supply chain (client, recruitment agency etc) for ‘new’ IR35 rules, known as the ‘Off-Payroll’ legislation.